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Pool Closing

10% off*starts at $360

Whether you have a concrete, vinyl or fibreglass pool, our service professionals know the right way to winterize it. Rest assured that your pool will survive the harshest Canadian winter!


  • Clean pool including vacuuming (up to 45 min)
  • Lower water level below return jets
  • Blow out and plug off all suction and return lines
  • anti-freeze included for skimmer line
  • Winterize filtration equipment
  • Balance water chemistry
  • Shock pool with chlorine granules
  • Cover pool

Additional costs: (All prices subject to HST)

  • Concrete Pool: $50
  • Attached Acrylic Spa: $75
  • Attached Concrete Spa: $100
  • Auto cleaner: $25
  • Auto filler: $25
  • Second skimmer: $25
  • Waterfalls and water features: $25
  • Cartridge filter rinse: $30
  • Extra vacuuming: $80/hr.
  • Any necessary balancing chemicals
  • Any miscellaneous missing equipment such as plugs, water bags, etc.

* 10% discount only valid when customer prepays for opening and closing together

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